do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking

'So what? You failed your finals. You gained some weight. So what? You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? What now? You live. You try again. That’s what.'
— (via entflohen)

kit-crossing’s 200 follower ACNL giveaway!(also known as the ‘i wasn’t expecting to get this many followers so have a bunch of free stuff’ giveaway)
there will be 2 winners for this giveaway, each getting a bunch of cool stuff!
1st place gets:- 1 million bells- mushroom, spooky and harvest furniture sets
2nd place gets:- 500,000 bells- spooky and harvest furniture sets
on top of this, both winners will get:- full set of 12 Chinese zodiac animals- DLCs (cat tower and cherry-blossom clock)- other items (triforce, S.S Dolphin, virtual boy, chocolate cake and a blue glow wand)
rules!- likes and reblogs count- you do not have to follow me! (but you can if you want, this is an animal crossing only blog with villagers often up for adoption)- you need to have an open ask box so i can contact you!- must be happy to exchange friend codes and let me visit your town to drop off your prizes!
giveaway ends on october 1st! good luck everybody :)


Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a long time, but since I don’t have a lot of stuff to give away in real life, I decided to do an Animal Crossing giveaway since a lot of my followers play Animal Crossing!

*Thus far I’m only planning on picking 2 winners, but depending on how this…


so i hit 70 and to lazy to draw this is what you get   RULES
MUST have a copy of “animal crossing: new leaf” and a 3DS or a 2DS
reblog and like as much as you want they all count
must be following me i will be checking
please be ok with me dropping the items off in your town
please be ok with giving me your FC
if you do win and dont respond in 24 hours a new winner will be chosen
you might see i am not good with this kind of crap
=========================================================                                                PRIZES1st place
Lovely phone
hair bow wig
Ten billion barrel
miniature car
Ultra scope
doll house dress
cabana set (with out the floor and wall)
1mil bells
2nd place
ten billion barrel
miniature car
ultra scope
any 2 KK slider songs you want
pink lace up dress
500k bells
3rd place
ten billion barrel
miniature car
any one KK slider song
250k bells
you prob noticed i am lazy

I’ve been wanting to do a Give Away for awhile now, so here we go!
What I’ll be giving away:
Watering Can
Fishing Rod
25,000 Bells.
3 of each fruit.
I will let you come into my town to change your hair!
This is a give away JUST FOR BEGINNERS!!  I WILL be checking.
You have to be following my ACNL blog, robosapples.
Only 1 reblog per person.
Have your ask open!
The Give Away will end on the 25th of September!!
'She’s a writer’s worst enemy. She’ll make you despise language; adjectives have lost all meaning, and nobody would understand that the world should stop when they read the sentence “she looked at me.” You’ll want to dedicate the first four chapters to the way she moves. You couldn’t describe her face even if you tried, and god, you’ve tried. You’ll stay up till 4:00 am in completely fury, because how the fuck are you supposed to explain that you can feel her voice in your heartbeats? Paper couldn’t possibly hold the weight of her existence, but you will die trying to transfer her there, because you know that a human being like her will never happen again. She’s the reason people become writers.'
— m.f.e. (via attuition)

'Isn’t it crazy how you could miss a place more than you miss a person? The same person that held your very hand walking down that same street? That spun you around, that kissed you in front of passing strangers? That looked you in the eyes and told you they love you and for that split second you began to believe it? That same person that keeps your mind awake at 4 am while you write about the way your jaw clenches and your finger tips start to tremble just when you hear their name slip from someones mouth. I began to feel sorry for myself because how could I be so cruel to miss the place you would rest your hand on my knee rather than the feeling of my heart pacing faster and faster the closer you got to my thigh? But a place can’t hurt me. A place can’t make me feel like their “one and only” yet when midnight rolls around they’re telling another girl how sexy she looks with her hair down. A place can’t make every vein in my wrists go cold at the thought of you with someone else. A place can’t hurt me. But you can, you will, and you did.'
— Orion Carloto // 4 am thoughts (via sskeptical)